Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zaxby's drips with flavor, service

Welcome to Zaxby's! There, I said it. Because when you go to Zaxby's, you're going to get yelled at when you come in, just be ready. But, it's good to feel welcome, especially from employees who actually seem happy to be at work - a rarity these days. Even when my cashier took my order she seemed overly satisfied to be doing so. It might be because I'm such an attractive person, but let's be honest. Zaxby's trains their employees to be happy or go home.

The Kicking Chicken sandwich I had was bundled up ranch dressing and hot sauce goodness. Then you throw in the freshly buttered Texas toast and the never-frozen or pre-battered chicken fingers, and you've got yourself a sandwich that will make your taste buds beg for more, and your laundry room run low on Shout. The sandwich was so full of flavor it actually drips out onto your plate, lap, people sitting next to you, etc. Actually, it's not overdone, but there is plenty to pour out on your plate. Just give the sandwich a good squeeze before you take your first bite and you should be good to go.

The crispy, crinkle fries were freshly fried and covered in seasoning to make them great even without ketchup. But, since we've mentioned ketchup, the easy-pour spout instead of packets or that press-to-squirt mess, sure made life pleasant. You can tell it's not cheap ketchup either. There's nothing worse than having good fries and cheap ketchup. It'll make you wish you brought your own bottle.

So get yourself a kick in the mouth from Zaxby's and you won't be sorry.

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