Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sonic: Where even the Ocean Water tastes great

Since a long season of holiday travels was now over, it was nice to return home and eat all the leftover turkey for three weeks — but not really. So, off to find a good meal. The number one combo, add cheese to the burger, add chili and cheese to the fries at Sonic was great. The bun was fresh and so was the garden on top. The condiments were plentiful, but not pouring in my lap. The burger was good overall, but a bit dry. It's probably because the lunch rush was over and it was made at lunch, but it was still tasty even after sitting under a heat lamp for a while. When you can make a burger that's delicious an hour later, you're on to something.

The chili cheese fries were superb. Especially if you eat them second and let the cheese melt all the way to the potatoes. You can eat it with your fingers, but you may mistake a finger for a fry in all the mess, then you'd have an even bigger mess. So, be sure to use a fork, but I would suggest a real one and not the crappy plastic one you'll get with your meal. It'll just break and have you covered in chili that probably isn't going to come out of your shirt before your lunch break is over.

Another great thing about Sonic is that if you wait until 2 for lunch, it's happy hour and all drinks are half price. Only they don't serve alcoholic beverages or everybody would be there. However, they do serve some delicious drink blends including Ocean Water which is my personal preference. It sounds like a bad day at the beach when you get salt water up your nose, but it tastes a lot like Malibu rum and Sprite, just without the stumbling and inability to return to work after lunch. Even the ice is good. It beats your everyday-cubed ice you get most places because its the small barrel-shaped ice cubes that crunch perfectly in your teeth. If you don't know what I am talking about just try a drink for yourself.

As for the service at Sonic, it's usually fast and friendly. Since I ventured for the drive through this time, instead of the drive-up, I thought it might be different. But, the cashier was easy to understand and pleasant to talk to. She even thanked me for my purchase, something that is always nice to hear.

So all-in-all, I'd say it's a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. Just don't forget to grab a flavorful drink to go with it.

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