Friday, March 20, 2009

The Landing serves good food, good drinks and a good time

Wednesday nights at the landing there are $2 10-wing baskets and $5 pitchers of beer. But, I know what you're thinking? "The Landing serves food?" The answer is yes, and it is actually delicious. I would've never thought a bar would serve good food, but the hot wings are excellent. I'd say they are better than any wings in Bainbridge, and rival some of the best I've ever tasted.

Now I know you're thinking, he must've drank too many of those $5 pitchers and got tanked so anything would've tasted great. That my friend is incorrect. I did have a few mugs of beer, which were served in a frosty mug, but I did not get "tanked."

After the wings I even ordered curly fries thinking they could've just gotten lucky and had one good thing on the menu. But the curly fries were good too, especially with the ranch dressing that comes with the wings. You'll have to ask for it with the fries, but the friendly waitresses/barmaids will glady bring it out to you.

Some might think The Landing is kind of a sketchy hang out because of the recent bottle busting which went down there. But on Wednesday nights it's just a laid-back restaurant that happens to serve $5 pitchers. Of course there's always the one guy so hammered he can't stand up because he is staying at the hotel that night. But, hey, at least he's not driving.

So if you want a good place for a quick bite to eat, and maybe a cold beverage, the Landing is the place to be. It's located at the bar inside the Charter House Inn on Tallahassee Highway.

If you're really looking for a good time come on the weekends for karoke until 12 when the whole town shuts down. Then you'll have to go to Pud's to get your kicks.

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