Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Pie pleases taste buds, lacks television

A trip to an authentic pizza parlor near Bainbridge would seem impossible, especially with the sparse amount of good dining in the area. But, if you want to taste what real pizza tastes like, you've got to try American Pie Pizza.If you don't have time to wait on lunch, you can always call it in. I'd come inside to pick it up though, because the drive-in window isn't big enough to get a pizza box through, which means they have to turn the box sideways (which makes the hot cheese run to one side).Besides the humor of not having a window big enough for pizza boxes, American Pie is a great place to eat.

They also have menu that includes pastas, salads, hot wings, sandwiches and you guessed it, pizza. You can order it by the slice or by the pizza. Their 28-inch extra large pizza would be great for a Super Bowl party, or just having a good time with friends. The pizza is the best in Bainbridge and it's the only place you can get a pizza so big you could float on it down the river.

I had two slices of pepperoni that were hot out of the oven and dripping with melted cheese and covered in pepperoni. Each slice is so large that it takes up an entire plate by itself.

My lunch partner had the breadsticks and a drink for under $4. There were so many breadsticks that it took two plates to get them on. He said they were covered in garlic and butter and were full of flavor.

Not only is the food good, but the employees at American Pie are friendly, and usually good-looking. So, even if the food wasn't spectacular, which it is, then it'd still be worth going there to eat.

There are TVs in American Pie, but they aren't hooked up to any cable or anything, there just there. So, don't go there for the big game, or any game for that matter. Unless it's in the parking lot outside, you won't be able to watch it.

And Since they serve beer, you could always get hammered on your lunch break. But, I wouldn't recommend it with jobs being hard to come by these days.

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