Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laredo has better burrito, but it isn't on menu

If you really want a really good burrito, order one that isn't even on the menu at Laredo Mexican Grill in Bainbridge. The California burrito comes with steak, peppers, onions, sour cream and guacamole in a enormous tortilla covered in queso. But, it isn't on the menu - it's a special-order item. The steak was very flavorful and the peppers and onions were just off the grill. The guacamole was also very good as well. If you ask for the hot sauce to go with it, you'll get what my server called the "sauce for big muscular Mexican men." It is definitely hot, but it was also flavorful. The cashier said it was a mixture of habanero peppers and celery, and I was literally sweating when I was done.

The chips and salsa were good, but I'd rather have fried sliced tortillas than the chips that come in a box and are just dropped in. When they come free with your meal you can't really complain that much. The salsa it comes with is pretty hot, but you can ask for the "hot" sauce if you dare. You'll get the same kind I had with my burrito that will definitely have you think twice next time.

Their queso that comes with the chips is good, but it isn't anything special. Since it costs extra to get it, I'd just stick with the chips and salsa.

The service at Laredo is outstanding, as always. You are greeted when you enter and the servers continually check on you and your meal. They are always friendly and try to get to know every customer that enters.

If you want a good meal with a good atmosphere, you should go to Laredo. If you're looking for a good time, you should go to Laredo after 9 p.m. for the bar and pool room.

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