Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boyd's BBQ rubs a good butt

Russell Boyd tried his hand at donuts for a few years, and they were top-notch donuts. But, he really found his Forté when he started Boyd's BBQ. I've visited Boyd's numerous times during the day and night, and never had a meal that wasn't excellent.

You would think that the BBQ sandwich would be the best at a BBQ joint, but my personal favorite isn't the BBQ.

Boyd's BBQ has a sandwich named the "Indiana Breaded Tenderloin" or the "IBT." A deep-fried slice of pork tenderloin between two toasted buns topped with lettuce and tomato is amazing. It's always cooked to order and when you bite into it you can feel the juices over-flowing in your mouth.

Of course, you could always go with a BBQ sandwich. It is cheaper, and it's still delicious. As a side you could have many things including Butt-Rub fries, sweet potato fries or Brunswick stew. All of the choices are good, but if I have a sweet sandwich, I prefer the salty fries. If I have a salty sandwich, I prefer the sweet potato fries. Then, the Brunswick stew goes well with anything.

The sweet tea is made like Mama makes it. It is what Southern sweet tea is supposed to taste like - epecially when our waitress never let my tea get below half-glass even during the lunch rush.

You might smell like grill smoke when you leave, but you'll never be dissatisfied with the taste or service at Boyd's.

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