Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dairy Queen dogs the competition

When I think about good fast food, it's hard to imagine it at all. Most of the time it's too cheap to eat, or too expensive to enjoy, but I think Dairy Queen is pretty close to the happy medium. I like to think of myself as a chili dog connoisseur, trying them at almost any restaurant with one on the menu. Those delicious little wieners haunt me wherever I go, I just can't turn them down.

When I ordered up two, with cheese and onions, at the DQ in Bainbridge, I didn't expect anything special. But, the all beef dogs with just the right amount of melted cheese were delicious. The chili beats some of the best chili made anywhere, I'd even venture to say it rivals the famous chili dogs at the Varsity drive-in in Atlanta and Athens. A five minute drive to the DQ and you've got a better dog than a four-hour drive to Athens would get you. If you're looking for good onion rings you'll probably need to go somewhere else. It'd probably be best if they were just left off the menu.

If you're into ice cream, they've got it there too. The soft serve is excellent especially in a blizzard. My favorite is the Reese's Cup blizzard, but make sure you get the long spoon so you can get all the good stuff at the bottom of the cup. A cheaper way to go might be the dipped cone which you've got to eat fast because the hot chocolate melts the ice cream. (Beware of the ice cream headache afterward)

But when you talk about service, that's what you get at DQ. It's always fast and friendly. Even with the lunch rush on full throttle, the cashiers were efficient and personable with smiles on every face. The many times I've been to DQ, I've never had a bad experience. It's also just a block away from a pleasant view of the Flint if you're into the outdoors. Either way you can't go wrong with the food at DQ, just stay away from the onion rings.

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